Wildlife Management

Wildlife management on private lands is gaining interests as Texas’ land gets more and more expensive. In fact, most new landowners do not expect their property to become economically viable from traditional farming or ranching practices, even though they may engage in such activities. Texas real estate agents cite one of the primary forces behind rising land prices is recreational value. Recreational value includes consumptive uses such as hunting and fishing, but also activities such as hiking, biking, photography and other ecotourism.

When someone hears the term wildlife management most people immediately think of hunting. Deer hunting, dove hunting, and turkey hunting are all popular in Texas. And it is true that the harvest of surplus animals is an important part of any wildlife management, especially with regards to whitetail deer management, but it’s not the only thing. Wildlife management has more to do with providing suitable habitat for the wildlife species one is interested in managing for. Have you ever heard the expression “build it and they will come?” Well, it’s true.

Buying land for the primary purpose of wildlife management is very common in Texas. Many buy property with the intent of managing for quail, waterfowl, and white-tailed deer, but most landowners mix wildlife activities with some type of agricultural activities. But not always. It is highly recommended that buyers become familar with the habitat requirements of wildlife species that they intend to manage for before buying a property. It could save both time and money. Although your land agent is willing to help you as much as possible, do not expect your local Texas real estate agent to know all of the habitat requirements for the wildlife species you are interested in. Read up before you go land hunting and you and your future property will be ahead of the game.

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